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Malarchive is coming to town

March 5, 2019

As the title implies, Malarchive it’s something that has to to with malware, indeed, it’s a repository storing … malware.

There is no automation in the background, now and again samples are manually uploaded; the repository structure is drafted in the README.md.

If you cannot wait any further, here the link, otherwise keep reading

Currently, collected samples are arranged as follows:

  1. Single folder samples: self explanatory
  2. Multi stage samples: same as above, but also considering and splitting the whole infection chain (e.g js -> maldoc -> payload )


Q: What the heck! another repository about malware sample? Not even backed-up by automation?

A: You right, there are already tons of sources out there, the repo just fits some of my workflows / testing. You might found it useful, or maybe not.

Q: What kind of samples can I find in there?

A: commodity malware but anything else that might cross my searches …

Q: Can I upload sample to the repo?

A: Yes, you could do it, but please don’t! I am grouping them together for me and I am happy to share, but if you really want to contribute, you search engine is your best friend; there are many valuable communities out there that are doing an amazing job!

Q: MalSilo first, now Malarchive, some other fancy name in the coming future?

A: I was asking myself the same …

Q: Is MalSilo based/using on/samples-from Malarchive?

A: Not at all, MalSilo = automated malware collector, processing and storage data pipeline, whereas Malarchive = a repository (manually updated) with some categorized malware families.

Q: Enough talking give me the link

A: Here we go link enjoy ;)